Archisketch is a scale-aware sketching program ideal for Architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers, design students, or anyone working with design on an iPad.

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sketch & draw

Using the freehand tool and the Apple Pencil, sketch initial ideas to scale, just like a tracing pad. Hardline your concepts, add symbols and dimension lines. Develop your design for early-stage meetings and collaboration.


perspective & 3D visualisation

Draw in axonometric, isometric or use smart one- and two-points perspectives. Show a design in context of its surroundings. Simply import an image; then set the perspective grid to the image and sketch your ideas.

dimension lines

Add dimension lines to communicate size and proportion to your clients and colleagues. Dimension lines retain scale awareness with your drawing.

Add furniture, fittings or floor plan details to your drawing from the included symbols library. Make your own custom symbols, and add them to the symbols library to use across all your drawings and projects.

Duplicate a shape along the line. Archisketch provides the overall dimension, between the start and the end points, as well as the distance between each element, automatically.

In addition to grids, you can also set up guide lines and create sub-divisions between them. Drawing points will snap to guide lines automatically, to simplify setting up a layout for your drawing.

As you draw shapes, the relevant information, such as dimensions and angles, are displayed on the screen. Plus, the line thickness can represent wall thicknesses in your plan layout with values in Centimetres or Inches.

Zoom in and out on a drawing without any loss of image quality.

Import images and PDF files from Photos app, email and web pages, even when Archisketch is not running, using the Share Extensions. Imported images are added to your scrap book automatically, available in Archisketch at any time.

Add custom images such as company logos or plan blocks. Add text labels and a scale rule. Share using PDF, or print up to A1 size directly from your iPad.

Watch video tutorials from the extensive video library to learn more about Archisketch and its time-saving features. Get video help when you need it.

What’s new in Version 2.x